Kung Fury movie review

Today I’d like to talk about a recent Youtube release, the movie Kung Fury, an excelent parody of eighties’ action films. If you heard about it, you’ll know it was financed through a Kickstarter (to which I made a donation) bumped by the huge success of their hilarious trailer.

kung fury

The eighties are back

Just like the trailer promised, Kung Fury is a 30 minutes film that looks like an eighties’ action movie played in an old VHS tape. The looks are so well done that we will even “miss” some of the first few minutes of the story because of some tracking distortion due to the VHS tape being very old.

But this great parody is not only about the 80’s VHS tape look. The script of Kung Fury is a compilation of the most exaggerated movie tropes of that decade. The police officer with a partner that is killed by the villain, exaggerated use of martial arts, explosions, an angry police captain, men with too much muscle, women with too little clothing, sport cars… even the final moral “message”  of the movie praising team work. None of the old stereotypes that people on our thirties have seen a million times back then are missing in Kung Fury.

kung fury nazis

Did I mention the evil guys are Nazis?

The final eighties taste is provided by two additional details: technology and music. About the first one, we have the computers from the 80’s, and the great appearance of that awful console gadget that was called “Power Glove”, which fits just perfect. Regarding the music, the producer surprised everyone about a month before the movie release, by showing the main song video (“True Survivor“) with no other than David Hasselhoff singing the main vocals.

david-hasselhoff- true survivor kung fury

You can’t have the eighties without the Hoff

I just can’t recommend this movie enough. This was a great project, carried out by a young Swedish video maker, filmed mostly in his own house, with few resources but a lot of humor and a strong will. It’s clear that David Sandberg (writer, director and protagonis of Kung Fury) really enjoyed the action films of the 80’s, and wanted to do a parody that was also a fun and honest homage to that decade. In a 30 minutes film he has the time to do all of that, without going too far as to bore the audience or repeat the same jokes too much. Kung Fury is a hilarious film, perfect to watch with a group of friends. Don’t miss it.

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