Videogame short story contest: my story among the winners

Videogame short story contest: my story among the winners

Last month the Spanish website Deus Ex Machina launched a literary contest, and I decided to participate. My story was among the winners, and if you can read Spanish, you can read it directly in the site of the contest. I’m very happy with the result, considering there were some very good stories submitted. I […]

New parody series in my channel

In case you are not subscribed to my Youtube channel yet, you might not have notices that we have a new series of parodies. We have recently filmed several sketches making parodies of “unboxing” videos, 2 of which are already published: the condom unboxing and the Russian doll unboxing. 2015 is going to be a […]

Two new videos to watch in my channel

My Youtube channel has two new videos you might like: The first one is a montage called “How video games say I love you”, and it uses clips from many different games to show how romance stories in video games say “I love you”. If you like Bioware games (Mass Effect, Dragon Age), as well as […]

My sitcom “Becky the Squirrel”, first place in The Sitcom Trials voting stage

I recently submitted my script “Becky the Squirrel” to the contest The Sitcom Trials. The first phase in this contest is a voting, in which the group members can give a “yes”, “no” or “maybe” to the scripts they read. To my surprise, several voters said that Becky the Squirrel was their favorite script, and […]